Service Examples Exhibit/Art Work Handling

Transport of Art Exhibits for Movies


We have transported art work exhibits used in actual movies.
We transported a robot art work actually used in the filming of one of the "Terminator" movies for display at the customer's facility. (exhibited at three facilities in a month)
Being a work of art, it was easily susceptible to breakage, and therefore had to be handled with the utmost care.


Transfer Scenes

Dedicated wooden frame prepared for transport.

Wooden frame assembled at specified location. Body and joints secured with cloth and cords to prevent movement inside the frame.

Transported safely to exhibition venue after packing complete.

Unpacked and installed in display case after arriving at exhibition venue.

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Whether it be the transport, unloading, or carry-in of precision equipment,
or the transport of exhibits or art works, you can rely on KINTETSU TRANSTECH, INC.

We provide highly-tailored plans to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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