Our Business

Our dedicated team of distribution professionals are responsible for the highly specialized transport of precision equipment and art works.

KINTETSU TRANSTECH has developed a high-quality logistics service designed to respond to the sophisticated needs of our customers. We provide a comprehensive specialized transport service for the transport of goods such as precision equipment, heavy objects, exhibits, and art works.

Service Provision Process

At KINTETSU TRANSTECH, we leverage our extensive experience and technology to transport products safely and swiftly based on our thorough quality control process.


Precision Equipment Transport
Trucks equipped with air conditioning, air suspension, wings and gates are used to transport electronic equipment and medical equipment.
Precision Equipment Unloading/Carry-in
The assembly, installation, dismantling, and removal of semiconductor equipment and liquid crystal devices is handled using our extensive technology and wealth of experience.
Skeleton Construction
We undertake contract work for plant internal skeleton construction work such as plant and warehouse restoration and equipment removal.
Exhibits/Art Work Handling
KINTETSU TRANSTECH sets up and handles fine arts and crafts for all kinds of events and exhibitions.
3PL Business
We have established a 3PL business utilizing our know-how of warehouse operations, and support the streamlining of distribution services in response to a variety of distribution outsourcing needs.
Industrial Waste Collection and Transport
In our aim to be an environmentally-friendly recycling company, we offer reverse logistics and industrial waste treatment services.

Our Vehicles & Equipment

Vehicle list
  • Air-conditioned container trailers
  • 10-ton trucks with air conditioning, air suspension, wings and gates
  • 4-ton trucks with air conditioning, air suspension, and gates
  • 4-ton trucks with air suspension, wings and gates
  • 2-ton trucks with air suspension and gates
  • 2-ton trucks with gates
  • 2 ton linbo trucks
Clean room equipment list
  • Stainless steel 6-wheeled trolleys
  • TIR rollers
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Hydraulic jacks (2.5 to 5 tons)
  • Toolboxes
  • 5-ton pallet jacks
  • 3-ton pallet jacks