Social Contribution Activities(CSR)

At KINTETSU TRANSTECH, we are proud of the role we play as good corporate citizen working hand in hand with the local community as we aggressively engage in social contribution activities.

Activity Details

Safety Promotion Activities

《Traffic Safety Campaign》
At KINTETSU TRANSTECH, our staff can be found at nearby intersections helping ensure public safety in both spring and fall to coincide with nationwide traffic safety campaigns.
Through our activities, we are able to predict risk by placing ourselves in the position of pedestrians, helping to raise safety awareness of each and every one of our employees.
As a member of the local community, we will continue with such activities so that we can contribute to local traffic safety.

《Safety Promotion Activities》
We also encourage the participation of our drivers, who take "traffic safety lectures" given by the police, and together with our partner companies, learn about examples of incidents that could easily lead to accidents, as well as the potential dangers involved in incorrect operation. We also hold public awareness campaigns in the spring and autumn in order to eliminate all kinds of accidents.
Safety Promotion Convention

《Small Group Activities》
We form teams of 4 to 5 members from the same section, define clear objectives for safety and quality, and have each team tackle KAIZEN activities. For example, each team tackles the "5 Whys" of violations and accidents.
By delving deeply into "why such things happen", and holding serious discussions, we are able to prevent accidents happening again in the future.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

《Local Clean-up Activities》
As part of our local contribution activities, we express our thanks to those of the surrounding community upon whom we rely every day by regularly engaging in clean-up activities at parks and roads near our sales offices and site offices.
As a member of the local community, we are aggressively engaged in activities aimed at helping to make the community more beautiful.

《Acquired Green Management Certificate》
KINTETSU TRANSTECH has acquired "Green Management Certification". Being a "truck carrier that is kind to the environment" helps improve the desire to conduct initiatives, and reduces the environmental load of the truck transport industry.
Green Management Certificate