ISO 9001:2008 Acquisition & Retention

KINTETSU TRANSTECH, INC. acquired "ISO9001:2000", as the quality management system international standard was formerly known, for the first time in December 2001. We were then authorized to change over to the current "ISO9001:2008" following the standard's revision in November 2008, and were recertified on November 21, 2013.

Currently, we have obtained certification at a total of 7 sites, including our Head Office, Sales Department, Kanto No.2 Sales Office, Kanto Operation Center, Kanto Logistics Ichikawa Office, Kansai Sales Office, and Kansai Operation Center.

We aim to continue to provide a high-quality distribution service, and further raise customer satisfaction based on our quality assurance policy of "safety first".

February 22, 2012
KINTETSU TRANSTECH ISO secretariat presented our utilization examples at the fourth ISO management system utilization example meet.

DOWNLOAD: Pamphlet(PDF:3.2MB)

"Quality" for our logistics service
- Kintetsu Transtech transport and ancillary work to meet the needs of our customers

  1. Diverse customer's needs and Kintetsu Transtech "quality"
  2. Technological improvement for precision equipment handling and PDCA for safety (transport, packaging, unloading/carry-in, installation work)
  3. Effective utilization of quality management systems (internal audits, management reviews, corrective action, preventative measures)