Safety Promotion Div. Strategic Policy Plan

2015 Second Half Safety Promotion Division Strategic Policy Plan (2015 Second Half: July 1 to December 31)

July 1, 2015

Kintetsu Transtech, Inc.

Safety Promotion Division

Quality assurance policy, purpose

  • To devote our efforts toward safe operation and safe work based on our motto of "safety first", to gain the trust of our customers, and to provide a high-quality distribution service.
  • To prevent accidents, disasters, and illness beforehand, and to improve service quality and the working environment.


  • We recorded a successful period of over 3 consecutive months with no accidents or violations involving our own employees in the 6 months of the second half of the year (July to December).
  • We witnessed a drop (24 cases in second half of last year) in accidents (involving vehicles, freight, vessels/facilities, services) caused by partner companies.

Basic policies

  1. Revitalize the organization, promote work improvements, improve employee capabilities, and bring about a change in our way of thinking through small group activities, safety promotion meetings, and safety promotion conventions.
    • Full employee participation and safety vector identity
    Priority items
    • Aggressive promotion of activities, and verification of activity results, and horizontal deployment
    Specific items to be implemented
    • Promotion of safety activities and work improvement activities based on small group activities employing new activity techniques
    • Enhancement and establishment of safety awareness through participation in our spring safety promotion convention and monthly web joint promotion meetings
    • Safety activity monitoring, measurement, analysis, and guidance
    • Acquisition of qualifications, and promotion of participation in external training
    • Promotion of ecological driving, and education on environmental safety and energy-saving activities
  2. Putting accident prevention measures into practice, and achieving business stabilization and prosperity
    • 1 or fewer vehicle (involving bodily injury/death, property damage) accidents (2 cases of property damage in second half of last year)
    • 0 freight accidents (1 case in second half of last year)
    • 0 accidents involving facility damage (1 case in second half of last year)
    • 1 or fewer industrial accidents (3 cases in second half of last year)
    • 0 operation errors
    • 0 customer complaints
    • 8 or fewer accidents involving partner companies (17 cases in second half of last year)
    • 0 accidents stipulated in automobile accident report regulations (0 cases last year)
    Priority items
    • Prevention of accidents caused by partner companies
    • Standardization of accident information
    Specific items to be implemented
    • Accident verification, monitoring, measurement, and analysis, and enhancement and enforcement of reoccurrence prevention measures (implementation of measure verification)
    • Safety guidance through participation in hearings by those responsible for accidents (implementation of follow-up education)
    • Self-awareness of workplace situation, raising problem awareness, and creating a workplace environment in which employees strive to implement improvements through "visibility"
    • Review and update of work procedures based on actual situation
    • Review of accident notification system, and prompt sharing of information
    • Aggressive promotion of activities during special accident prevention period (special accident and violation campaigns at beginning and end of year, spring national traffic safety campaign)
    • Collaboration with partner companies to improve quality and promote eradication of accidents
    • Holding of periodic meetings with partner companies to debate accident measures and strive to improve safety
    • Grasping of operation conditions from data obtained from digital tachographs and drive recorders, and tying this to accident prevention
  3. Observance of traffic rules and improvement in traffic manners
    • 1 or fewer traffic violations (3 cases in second half of last year)
    Priority items
    • 0 priority violations (speeding, traffic division violations, vehicle abandonment)
    Specific items to be implemented
    • Guidance on promotion of undergoing and utilization techniques for aptitude diagnosis (examination rate improvement, individual counseling, etc. based on examination results, improvement guidance, grasping driving characteristics and enhance awareness of continuous safe driving)
    • Improving safety awareness through aggressive participation in administrative and regional traffic accident prevention activities
    • Safety guidance through participation in hearings by those responsible for traffic violations (implementation of follow-up education)
    • Accompanied guidance (improved driving skills, improved understanding of vehicle characteristics, and improved knack of anticipating and avoiding danger) and promotion of participation in driver training
    • Guidance to transform way of thinking from one involving "driving to avoid getting caught (simply not getting caught for violations)" to one that involves driving "that lowers driving risks"
    • Awareness activities through KYT, safety driving knowledge tests, verification of comprehension results
  4. Promotion of industrial health control system
    • Clarifying when to switch ON and OFF from "work mode", and maintaining sound mind and body with minimal stress
    Priority items
    • Illness prevention, and health maintenance and promotion
    Specific items to be implemented
    • Complete eradication of substitute holidays
    • Acceleration of paid holiday acquisition
    • Observance of 36 Agreement on notification of agreement on overtime and holiday work
    • Periodic medical examinations and specific health care guidance, and effective combination of thorough medical examinations and flu jabs